Group Fitness

7 classes is $50 (3 month expiration)
10 trainings for $59.99 on a 6 month contract.
Unlimited classes - $79.99 a month.
Unlimited 2 week pass for $50

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Attend a group fitness class in Tucson, AZ

Maybe you want to increase your strength or flexibility. Or maybe you want to improve your cardio or lose weight. No matter what your goal may be, we have a group fitness class for you at Templo Fitness LLC. We offer services ranging from group yoga to High-Intensity Interval Training in Tucson, AZ.

Many people find group classes helpful because they are motivated and held accountable by their peers. If you want to give group fitness training a shot, sign up for a class today.

Check out the classes we offer

Want to socialize while you squat, stretch or salsa? Join a class with anywhere from 8 to 12 of your neighbors from the Tucson, AZ area.

Our group fitness classes include:

  • Bars n' Bags
  • Circuit Training
  • DeFine
  • Evolution
  • GluteCamp
  • LIFT
  • MVP Boxing
  • Rise & Grind
  • TEMPLO XR Boxing
  • TRX Strength
  • Yoga
  • Zumba
For more information about our classes, call 520-954-7525 now. We look forward to answering your questions about everything from group yoga to MVP boxing.